S V IvanovaSvetlana V. Ivanova

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Sc.D. (Philosophy), professor, PhD (Pedagogy), professor, Class I State Counsellor of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, Honorary Worker of General Education, member of the Russian Union of Writers.

Chief Editor of journals Otechestvennaya i Zarubezhnaya Pedagogika, Tsennosti i Smysly (this journal is in the list of State Commission of Academic Degrees and Titles), member of editorial boards of other domestic and foreign scientific journals.

Chairperson of Scientific Council on comparative education of RAE.

The supervisor of Federal Innovation Playground “Creation of the united educational environment in CIS countries”.

Practical work

Guidance and carrying out of systematic fundamental researches of the Russian Academy of Education.

Guidance and participation in research projects on the grants of the Russian Humanities Scientific Foundation, National Training Foundation and target programmes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Academic consulting for preparation of doctoral theses, academic guidance for PhD theses.

Workshops, public lectures for undergraduates, doctoral and postdoctoral students.

Training courses for the managers of the system of education.

Round working tables and seminars with the young scientists in the editorial offices of scientific journals, international and all-Russian conferences and methodological seminars.

Scientific interests

Philosophical and methodological problems of didactic knowledge with the consideration of its historical and philosophical aspects. Research of pedagogical ideas of A.A. Bogdanov, development of tectological-humanities approach to the educational process. Humanization and humanitarization of education, decision-taking in education, study of the external environment impact upon educational structures, development of lifelong education in political and business spheres, reciprocal action of the system of education and labour market, social, cultural and geopolitical aspects of organization of educational space.


Returning of the leading role of the fundamental research, support for traditional academic schools, realization of large-scale scientific publishing projects, development of experimental work and scientific co-operation with regions and higher educational institutions.

Published works and relations with mass media

The author of more than 300 scientific articles, monographs and textbooks.

The author of the collection of poetry “I open wide the doors” (2009), “I Believe” (2014), musical disk “Songs on the poetry of Svetlana Ivanova” (2014), “Fairy Tales for Grandson” (2014), “Excogitisms” (2014), “Travel notes. My Buryatiya. My Mongolia” (2014), “Notes of the Editor-in-Chief. Tsennosti i Smysly. 2009-2014”.

Main scientific and academic publications:

1. “Upon the problems of the development of didactic systems: philosophical and methodological context” (Moscow, 2012)

2. “Education in organization-humanist dimension” (Moscow, 2007)

3.  “Humanization of the process of education at senior school” (Moscow, 1998)

4. “Psychology and Pedagogy. Part I. Elementary psychology” (Manual for the students of non-humanities specialities” (Moscow, 2012)

5. “School education in the form of externship” (Moscow, 2005)

6. “Institute for Theory and History of Pedagogy: 1944-2014” (pages 10-28, 206-209, 310-313, 353-354) (Moscow, 2014)

7. “Decision-taking in the system of education” (Moscow, 2014)

8. “Domestic system of education in 1980-s, 1990-s, 2000-s: decisions, conditioned by the time” (Moscow, 2013)

9. “Social conditions and forming of the educational space” (Moscow, 2014)

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