General requirements for publications in the journal Otechestvennaya i Zarubezhnaya Pedagogika

Please, study carefully the author guidelines.

Periodicity of issues of the journal - 6 times a year.

Issue Month of publication Deadline of articles submission
1 February until 15 December of the preceding year
2 April until 15 February of the current year
3 June until 15 April of the current year
4 August until 15 June of the current year
5 October until 15 August of the current year
6 December until 15 October of the current year

General requirements:

The content of the article should correspond to the subject, the scientific level of the journal and to be of scientific interest. The name of an article has to correspond to her contents.

Articles submitted to the journal should not have been published before in their current or substantially similar form, or be under consideration for publication with another journal. An author is responsible for the accuracy of reproduction of names, quotes, formulas.

Article Classification:

Scientific (practical) articles;
Research reports, analytical papers;
Reviews (review articles).

An article should be between 15000 and 35000 characters with spaces:

• Microsoft Word;
• font Times New Roman;
• 14pt in the MS Word format;
• without transfers;
• line spacing – 1.5;
• equalization - on leaf width;
• margins from each side 2 cm;
• 1 cm indent;
• text references are given in [square brackets];
• list of references is given at the end of the text (included in the total volume of articles);
• list of references is given both in Russian and in the Roman alphabet (Latin alphabet).

Author details should be provided in the same file with the article in the following

• heading – includes article title, initials and the last name of each author, city, country, article universal decimal classification (UDC);
• biographies and acknowledgements (full name, a brief professional biography);
• position, place of work, address;
• phone number, email address.
• Abstract (not less than 200 words). A structured abstract should include introduction, research methods, results (findings), and conclusions.
• keywords — 7–10 words;
• notes must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers, given in round brackets.
• list of references should be given in alphabetical order.

References should be made according to APA Standards. It is necessary to indicate the name of the publishing house, the interval of pages for the journal articles.

The number of sources in the pre-article bibliographic list is no more than 35. Self-citation is not encouraged and should be limited by the necessary minimum.

Both Russian and English sources included in the article references should indicate all authors of each publication (not more than 3; if there are more authors — etc.).

The structure of an article:

• problem, purpose of the article, review of literature on the problem
• methodology and methods of research
• research results
• conclusion.

To be sent by separate files:

• licence agreement;
• copies of all graphics containing in article, formulas and tables (in the *.JPEG or *.TIFF format; resolution is at least 300 dpi);
• the author's photo (in *.JPEG or *.TIFF format; resolution is at least 300 dpi).

A caption should include number and name (Figure 1 …). The text should include references to all provided figures. Graphs, diagrams and other pictures are recommended to be made in MS Exсel or MS Graph. Tables should have headings and order numbers. A text should include references to each Picture and Table.

Please, send a complete set of materials, otherwise the materials are not accepted for publication, not reviewed and not returned.

The quality of the content of the article is assessed by peer-reviewing.

Articles of postgraduate students are accepted only if there is a written recommendation of research advisor.

The Editorial Board does not pay honorarium for authors for the publication.

Authors receive a PDF version of the journal.

Authors are recommended to subscribe to the journal.

The Editorial Board position may not coincide with the authors’ point of view.

Editorial Board reserves the right of editor's alterations of article.


Editorial office address:

Zhukovsky str 16, Moscow, Russia, 101000,
Phone number: +7(495) 625-05-89

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